Finding right bathroom fixtures can be a long lasting and strenuous task. And buying suitable corner shower to fit in with the entire bathroom interior is another level of toughness. You have to think about many details if you want your bathroom to look great. And this blog helps you with that task.


Corner Shower Enclosure And Mini Spa

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It's high time that you stop looking at your corner shower enclosure as an essential fixture of your bathroom as it can really be transformed into a mini-spa. All that you are required to do is to add a couple of accessories and every month save a substantial amount of money by visiting the spa for a few hours of relaxation. You can have your personal spa within your own home and your own bathroom, right inside the corner shower enclosure.

Make Sure To Include These

Make provision for the following bathroom accessories in your corner shower enclosure to bring around the desired utility:

1. Monochrome Towel Ring

It's not a very comfortable thought to be moving near the door to fetch your towel at the end of your bathing session. A towel ring doesn't really occupy much of space and can easily be mounted near a corner of the shower enclosure. Those provided with tile rubber are the easiest to fix. Ideally you should go for metallic rings in stainless steel or chrome to avoid corrosion.

2. Ultimate Bathroom Set

To minimize the expenses for bathroom accessories you may procure one from home depots or from the World Wide Web. The one titled as the Ultimate Bath set should prove to be a good choice. It comprises of a bath caddy and a reading rack. You may keep the bath caddy inside the enclosure of corner shower, whereas the reading rack can be kept a bit outside the enclosure.

corner shower enclosure

3. Shower Chair

Should you be fond of spending a considerably long time in the bathroom, it will be a smart idea to have a seating arrangement. You could comfortably sit on the chair while running water massages your body. The shower chair will come handy when you decide to change your corner enclosure into a sauna. Generally it doesn't allow water vapors to escape thus enabling steam to wash out toxins from your body. While steam performs its job, you could fetch a magazine from the rack.

4. Shower Radio

The present day lifestyle being what it is, limits the chances of having company of your partner in the bathroom. When you lack company or are not in a mood to go thru the magazines lying around, you just need to have a radio. Most of them are equipped to provide AM as well FM signals. The wall of a corner shower would have enough places to accommodate it. Keeping company of good music while having your spa bath is an excellent way to relax.

5. Clog Protector

Come what may, you are bound to have some fallen hair in your enclosure. These lead to clogging of the floor of the corner shower enclosure. But, the situation can very easily be avoided by the installation of a clog protector. As they are made of stainless steel, there is no fear of getting them rusted.


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