Finding right bathroom fixtures can be a long lasting and strenuous task. And buying suitable corner shower to fit in with the entire bathroom interior is another level of toughness. You have to think about many details if you want your bathroom to look great. And this blog helps you with that task.


Corner Shower Wall Panels

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Shower Wall Panels are most often made from UPVC sheets, which are fixed to the walls of a bathroom or shower. Compared to normally used ceramic tiles, these are much easily installed. Tongue and groove system is applied for holding them together. The tongue of one panel fits in to the groove of the next panel. Continuing the same way, the whole wall is covered. The installation is quick and neat.

In case you have a high pressure shower installed already, it will be desirable to seal these wall panels by using a thin bead of a silicone sealant along and inside the joint.

Corner Shower Wall Panels

You can have corner shower wall panels in a large range of designs with an equally large range of colors to include the following;

• Wood grain: Marble Effect: Mosaic Effect, or just plain colors.

Such wall panels are generally followed with the waterproofing of ceiling panels to get a complementary effect that adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom..

Having UPVC panels in a bathroom has some distinct advantages that are not found in the conventional ceramic tiles. Some of these are:

• They are installed conveniently in a shorter time.
• The surface just needs to be wiped off to look clean.
• UPVC panels are longer lasting and remain good for very many years.
• As there is no grout, they don’t get moldy.

UPVC shower panels come in many sizes. For paneled ceiling you get them in longer lengths.

Installation technique is very simple and convenient. Batons or stud work may be employed to prepare surface, but these can conveniently be fixed on to existing brickwork, blocks, and plaster and even over the existing tiles. Very often they are fixed to the wall straightaway by using a suitable commercially available adhesive. The advantage of doing so is that the thick adhesive may also be used for filing up of any uneven areas on the wall.

One of the quickest and easiest ways of fixing these panels is by stapling them on suitably prepared walls. It also facilitates their removal, if the need arises. The staples don’t get visible as each successive panel covers the preceding fixed panel

If the walls have not been finished properly or are uneven, batons should be fixed to the wall and then fix the shower panels to the batons. This is achieved by using an appropriate adhesive or a staple gun.

Gradually, the fixing of corner shower panels is getting a popular project for the DIY enthusiasts. Their useful features like hygiene, long life and the ease of fixing favor their installation to other materials.


Sliding Glass Door Showers

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Before taking a decision on the type of sliding door shower, it would prove to be beneficial to go through a short description of different types that are generally available to work well with different kinds of showers. The choice of a sliding door is largely governed by the kind of your existing shower

Generally a shower falls into one of the following categories:

1. Walk-In shower - There is no bath tub here and you straightaway walk into the shower. Ideally, you should go for a sliding door shower with a walk-in shower. It helps you save floor area as the shower door does not open into the bathroom, you just slide that and the enclosure is complete.

2. Tub/shower combination - In this case you have a bath tub with a shower head usually installed above in the wall for showering. For getting a new look for your bathroom you should opt for door shower kits. They are convenient, economical and easy to install.

3. Corner Shower - As the name suggests this is a shower space created in a corner of your bathroom. There is not much of a choice in this case. Yet, you may go for a sliding arrangement. It may be a bit difficult, but can certainly be managed.

Having decided on the kind of shower enclosure that you would like to have, you have to measure up the area where you are going to install a sliding glass door shower. Go ahead and take the following measurements:

sliding glass door shower

You will need to measure:

1. Top width (wall to wall distance at the top of the shower door)

2. Bottom width (wall to wall distance at the bottom of the shower door)

3. Height (Measure from the top of bathtub ledge or shower base up to the top of the wall where you want to install the shower door).

Spend a bit of time to make sure that your measurements are accurate. As even a slight error may cause hardships in fitting the door properly or it may not fit at all! Save yourself from the embarrassment of going back to the dealer for getting the door changed, if at all he does.

Keep your budget in mind while going out to buy a sliding door bath tub. As usual, there are small pretty tricks to save a few bucks. You may be offered a sliding door kit that comprises of all the hardware that is generally needed for such installations. You may already be having the hardware or the hardware being offered may not be to your taste and style. You need to act smart here and take a calculated decision. Perhaps you could postpone the purchase of the desired hardware for sometime and then replace those with what you really wanted to have.

It will be worthwhile to keep in mind the design and style of the rest of your bathroom fittings and explore for something that goes well with the present set-up. It will certainly be more economical to buy new equipment that jells with what you already have rather than buying something that calls for the replacement of all other fittings.

In a nutshell, you should know what you already have and what you want to add within the budget, be patient while taking the measurements and you will not go wrong.


Shower Cubicle Styles Explained

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Though most of the households have one main bathroom, a large number of upcoming new houses have an additional bathroom attached to the main bedroom. These bathrooms are provided with the traditional set up of a bath, sink and a toilet. However, a large number of such bathrooms have a shower too that could be over the bath with a shower curtain or a shower cubicle.

A shower used to be a pretty simple affair, plain and simple white all over with a sliding door for getting in. Not anymore, as the present day showers come in varying styles and designs because of increased interest of homeowners in the design and hence the value of property. The new modern designs of showers have created a new market for the additions and accessories that often form an integral part of the shower. Here’s a brief description of the more popular varieties of showers.

shower cubicle

Square/Oblong cubicle

Most of the traditional shower cubicles would fall in this category, being the most popular too. This bathroom design offers a large showering area and may be fitted in a corner where two bathroom walls meet at a right angle or it could go into a recess in the wall and you will see only the door for getting in. Generally its walls are made from glass or micro-PVC, a kind of plastic.

D-Shaped cubicle

This type of a cubicle is fixed in one of the walls while the other three normally straighten walls get curved around. It’s a very modern and stylish design with doors that would open quite wide for an easy access. When it’s not convenient to house a shower in a corner of the bathroom, this makes a very viable proposition.


If you can imagine the combination of a corner shower and a D-shaped curved shower, you’ve got a quadrant shower. Yes, it’s a mix of the two designs described above. It is considered to be very stylish, while it results to saving of space because of quadrant (remember D shape) as compare to a square shape. Here the door may be sliding generally, though it’s not uncommon to have a swinging door. It’s an ideal design for smaller bathrooms.

Walk in/Wet Room showers

This is perhaps the most practical and convenient design that does not follow the concept of a cubicle. This makes use of the corner formed by two tiled walls, though, the third wall is usually made of glass but there is no forth wall. So you get a man sized opening for just walking into it. Special flooring often accompanies such a design that is very helpful for those with physical disabilities.

You should be well informed that the replacement of an existing corner shower with a modern one or the installation of a new one needs to be considered in its overall perspective. Keep in mind if it’s going to be just for your personal style or for its functionality. Make an honest assessment of what you wish to have versus what you might require. In either case it will be wiser to see that the new equipment goes well with what you already have, unless of course you are going to have a complete change of scene. Apart from that you have to have an accurate calculation of the available space lest the whole place gets too crowded to deprive you of the real pleasure associated with a shower bath.

Another feature that you need to consider is the weight of the cubicle you decided to have as that has a direct impact on the floorboards of your home. It will be worthwhile to have an opinion of your plumber or builder to make an assessment, as at times you might need to provide extra support to your existing structure.


Corner Shower Enclosure And Mini Spa

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It's high time that you stop looking at your corner shower enclosure as an essential fixture of your bathroom as it can really be transformed into a mini-spa. All that you are required to do is to add a couple of accessories and every month save a substantial amount of money by visiting the spa for a few hours of relaxation. You can have your personal spa within your own home and your own bathroom, right inside the corner shower enclosure.

Make Sure To Include These

Make provision for the following bathroom accessories in your corner shower enclosure to bring around the desired utility:

1. Monochrome Towel Ring

It's not a very comfortable thought to be moving near the door to fetch your towel at the end of your bathing session. A towel ring doesn't really occupy much of space and can easily be mounted near a corner of the shower enclosure. Those provided with tile rubber are the easiest to fix. Ideally you should go for metallic rings in stainless steel or chrome to avoid corrosion.

2. Ultimate Bathroom Set

To minimize the expenses for bathroom accessories you may procure one from home depots or from the World Wide Web. The one titled as the Ultimate Bath set should prove to be a good choice. It comprises of a bath caddy and a reading rack. You may keep the bath caddy inside the enclosure of corner shower, whereas the reading rack can be kept a bit outside the enclosure.

corner shower enclosure

3. Shower Chair

Should you be fond of spending a considerably long time in the bathroom, it will be a smart idea to have a seating arrangement. You could comfortably sit on the chair while running water massages your body. The shower chair will come handy when you decide to change your corner enclosure into a sauna. Generally it doesn't allow water vapors to escape thus enabling steam to wash out toxins from your body. While steam performs its job, you could fetch a magazine from the rack.

4. Shower Radio

The present day lifestyle being what it is, limits the chances of having company of your partner in the bathroom. When you lack company or are not in a mood to go thru the magazines lying around, you just need to have a radio. Most of them are equipped to provide AM as well FM signals. The wall of a corner shower would have enough places to accommodate it. Keeping company of good music while having your spa bath is an excellent way to relax.

5. Clog Protector

Come what may, you are bound to have some fallen hair in your enclosure. These lead to clogging of the floor of the corner shower enclosure. But, the situation can very easily be avoided by the installation of a clog protector. As they are made of stainless steel, there is no fear of getting them rusted.


Corner Bathtub Shower Basics

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Undoubtedly corner bathtub showers take up less of floor area. Another attractive feature is that it can be so designed as to provide greater depth than traditional big bathtubs. Corner shower tubs provide a very good means of soaking to sooth oneself. Once the user gets used to such tubs, he or she will realize that perhaps it offers a healthier and improved bathing experience than larger tubs. They are often employed as add-ons for home and bathroom remodels. A larger bathroom may offer the provision for a tub and a shower in separate areas. Luxury bathtubs have space for accommodating small cabinets to house your bathing needs.

Corner shower present an excellent opportunity for rest and relaxation. The luxurious and expensive options may be the focal point of your bathroom. For an optimum utilization of the available limited space a custom corner bathtub would be an ideal choice. An outstanding feature of corner bathtubs is that they are space saving. They may have a smaller appearance than most of the standard bathtubs, but you can choose a corner shower bathtub that has a larger capacity than any other tub, yet be space-efficient.

corner shower

Corner shower tubs are styled in many different materials. However, acrylic continues to be the most common material. Acrylic bathtubs are not heavy on the purse or in weight. They are available in many different colors. Further, their availability is very convenient. Even your nearest home accessories shop has a very good chance of offering one to suite your budget and size. Installation too, is very easy. You just choose one as per the measurements of your bathroom and bring it home.

As acrylic is resistant to normal wear and tear, you will hardly find any scratches or dents on it. That makes its maintenance very convenient. You may be aware that acrylic doesn't loose its color. Apart from the conventional round or oval shape, you may have them in square and custom-built shapes.

The most important technical feature that you need to consider while buying a new corner shower bathtub is the measurement of your bathroom. You should be careful while taking the measurements and have a rough sketch of the room before deciding on one. The sketch with measurements will prove helpful in deciding the shape of the tub that fits your room properly. Remember that old adage of fixing round pegs in square holes. You may not require too many faucets for your tub if the bathroom is not too large. Should you desire to have a shower too, it should be installed separately. Corner bathtubs are good for soaking yourself into hot water.

With rising premiums on land, the size of houses is beginning to shrink. A small sized house can't be expected to have provision for a large bathroom. And, a smaller bathroom still has room enough for a corner shower bathtub. This bathroom equipment surely offers a great bathing experience in a small space as it offers more depth. It doesn't take long for anyone to realize that the experience it provides is better than that of larger tubs.



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